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10/30/2004 Congressman Bill Dannemeyer and CFABA.ORG endorsements.

09/06/2004 THE LIE: John Kerry is good for keeping jobs in America. Wrong!

05/05/2004 Colaco to attend John Kerry rally to support a CFABA.ORG endorsed candidate.

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Dear Potential Opponent of John Kerry:

I need your help.

My name is Robert Colaco. I founded Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) on October 15, 1992, for the purpose of electing Morality and Values based candidates for public office from the lowest to the highest political positions all over the United States of America.

From time to time that has meant that we have had to oppose some candidates and to recall others.

In December of 1998, we endorsed the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

In February of 2003, we endorsed the recall of California Governor Gray Davis.

Now, we are asking all Americans to vote no on John Kerry.

I believe that many Americans would not vote for John Kerry if they truly knew what he stood for, the kinds of votes that he has had in the United States Senate since being elected in 1984. I believe they need to find out this information from a non Republican Party organization like us.

I need your help. I need your help to get out the information about why Americans should not vote for John Kerry. How can you help me?

01. You can tell your friends about this website.
02. You can contribute one dollar or more to help us.
03. You can mail this page
04. You can cut and past the following link
and tell people to come and check us out.

This site is dedicated to the goal of keeping John Kerry from becoming the President of the United States of America.

U.S. Senator John Kerry has continued to tell the American people how he would do everything differently than the Bush Administration if he was the President as far as Iraq is concerned. Senator Kerry has not told the American people what specifically he would have done differently. We at Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) believe that the American people need to be told specifically what Senator Kerry would have done differently and when he would have done it.

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq in the year 1957. I immigrated legally to the United States of America, with my family, in 1969.

I proudly became a United States Citizen in 1976. The 200th year after the founding of the United States. The Declaration of Independence that was presented on July 4th, 1776, continues to be one of the most incredible documents for freedom in the world. This was certainly one of the reasons that I choose that year as a 19 year old to take the Oath of Allegiance.

As Congressman Bill Dannemeyer who served in the United States House of Representatives (Congress) from 1979 to 1992 and is our Honorary National Chairman has said to me: "Robert, I really understand why you do all the volunteer work in politics, because you know what it is like not to have freedom."

As far as Iraq is concerned I believe Saddam Hussein would have used weapons against us, as soon as he could have used weapons against us. If that was indirectly through terrorists or directly with nuclear weapons he would have used them. Senator Kerry says that he understood that before. But, if he truly understood that and had the courage of his convictions, then he would not now want to get out of Iraq not matter what the consequences are. Including, our credibility as a nation and whether the terrorists will win. We as a nation have an enormous opportunity to bring democracy to the Middle East. However, it will not take a cut and run approach. It will take an attitude that we will finish what we started.

It is true we could leave Iraq as a more dangerous nation then before but that is only if we take Kerry's abandonment approach. He seems more bent on keeping France and Germany happy then in looking out for our long term security. He claims he wants a safer America because that is what folks want to hear, but if Winston Churchill had use the same logic as John Kerry then Germany would have invaded England easily. Instead Churchill told the people of England they had to sacrifice for the sake of their own safety and now we have a free Europe. It is often said that if we do not learn from history we are destined to repeat it. I do not want to see us repeat 9/11 again.

Again, I ask you to help me. Would you please donate any amount right now? I hope your answer is yes. Just click on the donate online button now and you can donate using your credit card. Would you also help me but telling your friends about this website.

The bottom line is that we believe that John Kerry would be bad for America.

If you will look at our CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire™ it is our understanding that he would not qualify on very many of our 39 questions. In fact if we were to rate the candidates that the media have talked about by percentage of agreement to our standards it would be:

01. George W. Bush
02. Ralph Nader
03. John Kerry

Please understand, we have not endorsed George W. Bush. We do not endorse any candidate that does not fill out and return our questionnaire.

I also want you to know what I said about how I vote in a News Release entitled: CFABA.ORG announces its recommendation for the March 05, 2002 California elections.

"I have been asked about who will I be voting for if we did not endorse a candidate, more times than I can count," said Colaco. My answer is, "That I will not vote for anyone that has not received the endorsement of Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG). Some people have been absolutely appalled at this concept. They have attempted to tell me how we ought to vote for the lesser of two evils. I rejected that concept many years ago. I want to see more morality and values based candidates dare to run for political office. That happens when the voters say they won't settle for the lesser of two evils."

I state these things because, I have received, in some cases repulsive x-rated letters from Democrat candidates for office blasting me that I am a George W. Bush supporter. I have appreciated what George W. Bush has done for our nation. I have appreciated that he has fought for the traditional family. He has been a good Pro-life president. Just in those two positions the national media and Hollywood has aggressively opposed President George W. Bush's and supported John Kerry. But, neither I nor Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) are supporting George W. Bush, again because he has not returned our questionnaire to us. However, neither have any other candidate for President.

We know this, that in our opinion, John Kerry should not be elected to the office of President of the United States of America. Honestly, I do not know of any single issue that we agree with John Kerry on. As I said even Ralph Nader agrees with us on question 04 and 05. We also know that President George W. Bush agrees with us on more questions than either Mr. Nader or Senator Kerry. Please see the candidates that we have endorsed for November 2, 2004 election's questionnaire .

Again, I would like to ask you one last time to make your most generous contribution to help us get out the word. Will you make a donation right now. I hope your answer is yes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Again, please click on the Donate Online button and make your contribution now. I also welcome your comments. Please, no x-rated, foul speech necessary.

Thank you.

Robert Colaco
Volunteer National Chairman, Founder
Citizens For A Better America®


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