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Monday, 09/06/2004, Labor Day 2004!

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John Kerry is good for keeping jobs in America.


By Robert Colaco, the Volunteer National Chairman, Founder of Citizens For A Better America ® with the acronym and website of CFABA.ORG!

As America celebrates another Labor Day holiday we have been hearing a great deal from Presidential Candidate John Kerry about how he is good for organized labor and keeping jobs in America.

I am disappointed to have to tell Americans that U.S. Senator John Kerry's record during his service in the United States Senate from 1984 to current just does not reflect his current statements to America about exporting jobs, to such places as Mexico.

It is with all due respect that I write this Commentary to the office of U.S. Senator that John Kerry holds, as well as Presidential Candidate. It is not my goal to be rude or unkind in my remarks. It is my goal to clearly express his voting record versus what he is saying now about the issue of jobs, and organized labor.

I founded Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.ORG) on October 15, 1992. Sadly immediately after the inauguration of President Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993 he started to push through an agenda of passing the North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as NAFTA.

We at CFABA.ORG have made what some candidates have called "a very big deal," of NAFTA. I have written against NAFTA. We published a flyer for the November 1993 local and city elections with an article about how NAFTA would be bad to the United States of America, USA.

We have included the issue of NAFTA as one of the questions on our "CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire," ™. In fact to the shock and horror of many Republican candidates that have not received our endorsement, the NAFTA question has the same value as our opposition to homosexual marriage and all other questions, which you can see by clicking on the (07.) at the end of this Commentary.

We have heard a great deal of criticism from Presidential Candidate John Kerry about President George W. Bush being responsible for loosing jobs in America. I have some questions that I believe all Americans should ask of U.S. Senator John Kerry.

Q1. Senator Kerry, where were you when U.S. jobs were on the line, during the NAFTA debate and battle in Congress?

Q2. Senator Kerry, why did you vote for NAFTA?

Q3. Senator Kerry, when the going was tough during the NAFTA battle in 1993, why did you not take the same stand as your former Democrat opponent Congressman Dick Gephardt and vote against NAFTA?

To make it easy for Americans to email Senator Kerry please copy and paste the above questions in your email to Senator Kerry. You can email him by clicking on the following link: []*.

I would appreciate all those sending a letter to also include a CC or Carbon Copy to me as well when they send their notes and letter to the! All they need to do is add HQ@CFABA.ORG to their email or click on the following link: [MailTo:HQ@CFABA.ORG].

Just for the record Presidential Campaigns of John Kerry and George W. Bush would be receiving this email because they are on our Commentary and News Release List ™.

I, Robert Colaco have been passionate against NAFTA since 1993. I have been passionate about protecting U.S. jobs, protecting U.S. Sovereignty from trinational commissions being formed to oversee the implementation of NAFTA and overrule U.S. Federal as well as State, County and City laws since my run for Congress starting in November 1988.

It is easy to talk the talk but much of the time it is not easy to walk the walk when you are an elected representative of the people of the USA, as John Kerry has been since 1984. When Americans elect higher ranking officials like those being elected to the United States Senate or the Governorship of a large state we expect more from those candidates.

It is easy for Presidential Candidate John Kerry to tell Americans, especially those loosing their jobs that he is with them and he supports their cause. But, was he with them when NAFTA was going through the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate? NO, HE WAS NOT!

We as Americans are being told that Organized Labor and the Unions are for Democrat candidates like John Kerry. We as a very small, nonconnected, independent, political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission as an unauthorized, nonconnected committee put our money, reputation, where our mouth was. We are not a 527 group that receives soft money. We must report all funds over $200 received to the FEC.

We have told candidates that if they support NAFTA, then we will not endorse them. We have taken a great deal of grief and heat for that position. However, we believed in 1993 and we believe now in 2004 that it is the right decision for America.

Labor Unions and Organized Labor should have forced the Democrat Party to nominate Congressman Dick Gephardt. He stood with Labor Unions and Organized Labor on the issue of NAFTA.

I believe that when a candidate does what Presidential Candidate John Kerry has done by voting in support of an agreement like NAFTA and then coming back to those that it harmed, workers in America, and asking for their vote and support, they should just say NO. They should say: Vote No On John Kerry!

That is one of the reasons that Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.ORG) has registered the internet address or domain of! Although this website is not yet active on the internet, CFABA.ORG has take the first steps to make it so. As soon as we have the funding to put that internet address or domain of we will be sending out a News Release announcing it.

In keeping with that goal, any individual contributing sixty dollars or more through our website by 11:59 PM (Eastern Time) on Monday, 09/06/2004, Labor Day will receive an autographed copy of the "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?" ™ flyer by snail mail or regular postal mail. That same flyer I, and my lovely wife delivered to the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC before their vote on the NAFTA agreement in November 1993. This flyer is not on any of our websites because it was before we were on the internet.

That "HAVE YOU BEEN LIED TO?" ™ flyer with the article against NAFTA was delivered to members of Congress at great personal hardship. This is an opportunity for you to show your friends that John Kerry was not with them when he voted to authorize the NAFTA agreement.

Just for the record, since we have thousands of candidates from all political parties including Democrats, and we have News Media professionals on our "Commentary and News Release List," ™, most of whom have indicated in polls that they are supporters of John Kerry, candidates and officeholders are responsible for their votes, during the time they make them. They are responsible for the damage those votes have on their constituents, in this case the American people.

In my thinking there is no excuse for those that voted for NAFTA.

John Kerry Voted For the North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as NAFTA. (H.R. 3450, CQ Vote #395. It Passed 61-38: There were 34 Republicans that voted for it and 10 that voted against it. There were 27 Democrats that voted for it, including John Kerry, and 28 that voted against it on November 20, 1993 (11/20/1993).

To show the American People that we mean what we say about our opposition to the NAFTA agreement, below are some of the Commentaries and News Releases where we have discussed NAFTA as an issue.

01. Citizens For A Better America ™ Makes its recommendations for the California State Measures on the November 3, 1998 ballot.

02. THE LIE: We are doing all we can to combat drugs.

03. THE LIE: I am voting, isn't that enough?

04. THE LIE: We are doing all we can to combat drugs.

05. 03/17/95 Open Letter to Dr. Pat Robertson - CBN

06. Group challenges the News Media to expose the truth about the failure of NAFTA and challenges Congress to JUST SAY NO to President Clinton's "Fast Track" to add more countries to NAFTA.

07. Question 04 from our CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire ™.

04. On November 20, 1993, the U.S. Congress and President passed the NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT (NAFTA), H.R. 3450. What is your position regarding legislation like H.R. 3450? [ ] Support, [ ] Oppose, [ ] I Don't know.

Answer by one of our endorsed candidates. Look at the answer to question 04.


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